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Quality Testing

quality testing

Quality Testing

Quality testing processes at SandeepGarg and Company (SGNCO)follow a systematic approach to check whether the development and production of services and products meets specified requirements.The quality control and pre shipment inspection implemented are integral towards building up the credibility of a manufacturer as well as increase customer confidence. OurQuality control and pre shipment inspection processes work towards improving the efficiency of the productionstages, enabling manufacturers to compete better in the industry.

Key testing procedures like geo chem testing, soil testing, and metal testsat SGNCO employ various chemical formulations and analytical techniques to assure defect-free manufacture. The company’s geo chem testing, metal tests and soil testing capabilities are focused on quality and consistency.The tests are based on stringent quality control normsto ensure the requisite quality of the metal scraps based on stipulated standards.These standards are on par with international standards, and are duly adhered to by SGNCO.

A few of the main testing procedures followed at SGNCO are as follows:

Handheld XRF Testing

The XRF is short for x-ray fluorescence. This is a process in which electrons are displaced from their orbital positions. This releases a burst of energy. This burst is characteristic to the specific elements that are under test. Opting for asectro gun rental can help record the release of energy which can help the categorization of the elements.Thissectro gun on rental, when used,releases an x-ray beam to affectthe electronsin the atoms inner shells of the sample.

Lab Spectrometer Testing

Spectro gun testing is ideal for a number of applications in producing, processing and recycling of metal.Spectro gun testing, which we extensively advocate at SGNCO,is a superior methodology for when the exact analysis of metal is required.This methodology is perfect for recognition of materials when the metals are hard to identify or the number of samples are plenty. The spectrometer testing offers various ergonomic advantages for on-site operations.

Alloy testing

Metal and alloy testing is one of the specialties of SGNCO alloy testing services. All types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals and alloys can be tested, and an instant result for the alloy composition testing can be provided. The alloy libraries include 500+ grade specifications of elements like Cd, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, W, Hf, Ta, Re, Pb, Bi, Zr, Nb, Mo, Pd, Ag, Sn, Sb PLUS Mg, Al, Si, P and S. The alloy composition testing and other alloy testing services rendered by SGNCO are focused on complete quality assurance.

Precious metals testing

Metal composition testing is a procedure that is used to check the composition of unknown metallic samples.The metal composition testing may also include determining properties of forgedalloys. SGNCO performs chemical analysis testing as well as specific procedures like gold karat assessment.

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