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Pre/Post Employment Verification

Pre/Post Employment Verification

Proper pre-employment investigation of candidates may avoid following malpractices:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Theft of proprietary information
  • Contravention of corporate compliance issues & Corporate fraud
  • Anti-social behavior in the workplace

We at SGNCO are committed to dig out every small detail which matters and can avoid any false declaration by conducting a independent check on the following:

  • Job start and end dates
  • Titles held
  • Salary
  • Job duties
  • The reason for resignation / termination (in some states) and rehire eligibility

To avoid the risks of being cheated later on and to ensure the employment of skilled staff, it is essential on any organization’s part to hold pre-employment verification and post-employment verification of the employees including their work history, credentials, job-related conflicts and so on. SGNCO renders independent employee screening services covering the employees job duties, titles held, date of joining and leaving the job, salary and reason of termination from the past job(s).

Employee verification is a crucial check every Organization must conduct as it gives an insight on the employee's work history, his credentials and also if there has been a problematic past with the last employers.

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